My Christmas Wishlist Featuring ASOS, Missguided, Boohoo and More!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Hey everyone!

You've probably realised by now that I have been writing a lot of blog entries lately. As I'm still looking for a full-time job I've had a lot of free time to spoil you with beauty reviews and fashion must haves!

Christmas is around the corner and while we have all been busy shopping and buying presents for our friends and families, its easy to get side tracked and want literally everything we see in stores and online for ourselves! It's definitely happened to me anyway haha.

So I've come up with this Christmas wish list full of things that I want for Christmas from my favourite online outlets. (I'm actually hoping my sister is reading this right now hehe).

Black Strappy Heels

These lovely strappy heels are from Matalan and they are actually really good quality! I feel like Matalan is a little underrated as you can get some amazing stuff from there, especially shoes and accessories. These black heels have been raved about by bloggers and designers alike and whereas you can also find a pair of these strappy heels from Primark and other high street stores, my favourite pick are these ones from Matalan. They also only cost £15 which is a bargain.

Pale Pink Fluffy Yarn Jumper

This pretty pale pink fluffy jumper is also from Matalan. It's in this very cosy fluffy yarn material which is perfect for winter! It feels like you have a dressing gown/robe on! It also looks really cute and is an essential for all you girly girls out there like me!

Pointed Snake Trim Mid Heels

Pointed court heels have been on trend for a while now but the great thing about these particular heels are the amazing snake trim. The metallic snake print it has around the shoe makes it a little bit different to the rest. It also looks really chic and pretty. A definite must have for those of you who want extra height with a kick! These are available from boohoo and are on sale for £15. Bargain!

Tartan Shift Dress in Deep Green

This tartan dress is so pretty! Tartan is really in fashion at the moment and I've been searching a while for the best tartan dress. I have seen the ones at Primark but I didn't like the fit of them. This tartan dress from Missguided however is more fitted and would suit almost anyone :) I also love the deep green colour. Personally I prefer dark green over the red tartan trend. This costs £24.99.

I hope you liked my little Christmas wishlist! And I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and have a wonderful Christmas day. 


  1. I love the pink jumper, I have a similar one in black and it's sooo comfy!

    1. I love these jumpers because they're so stylish yet comfy! :D xx

  2. I'm Indian too! Nice to meet you :)

    ~ Shivani ( )


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