What's in my Make-up bag

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Yep so my make up collection doesn't fit into a regular make-up bag! I thought it was about time I did a 'What's in my Make-up Bag' post seeing as I have tons of make up and haven't posted about it yet! I'm a big MAC fan and almost all my cosmetics are purchased from there (with a few exceptions). I'll show you through some of my make-up products, as I have so much I'll do more upon request :) Here we go!

First I'll start with my foundation which is MAC's studio fix fluid, it's a liquid foundation that has full coverage and contains SPF 15. A lot of people find this foundation slightly on the thicker side for everyday wear, however, I apply a thin layer which makes it look quite natural whilst making your skin glow! There are alternative drugstore brands or other high end products that have a more subtle finish but I personally love MAC's studio fix foundation.

There are a range of blushes that I use from MAC, I don't have particular blushes that I use for day or night however I do tend to build it up on a night out. All of these are MAC's Powder Blushes. There are a select few that I couldn't live without:

Here we have Dame, Fleur Power, Melba and Peaches. 

'Dame' is more of a natural cheek tint blush with a sheer pink tone. It has a satin finish which means its very natural and won't make your skin look cakey. 

'Fleur Power' is more of a corally pink colour. Although it has a satin finish it is definitely more pigmented and provides your cheeks with an obvious swatch of colour. This is without a doubt one of my favourites to use in the summer. 

 'Melba' is probably my favourite blush as it is very buildable with its colour. It is a pink peach colour and looks amazing on tanned skin. It's definitely my go-to blush as it is suitable for all occasions! I probably use this blush the most. It is highly pigmented and has a matte finish.

'Peaches' is a great summer shimmery peach blush. It has sheer coverage that is also buildable. It is, in my opinion, more of a day-time blush that is more suited for spring-summer season. It is a very popular MAC blush and has a sheertone finish.

I must have at least 20 MAC lipsticks altogether. MAC lipsticks are my absolute faves as they generally last for hours and can be paired up with anything! They also have a gorgeous vanilla scent. I'll probably do a separate post for my Top 10 favourite MAC lipsticks.

Here are my MAC Eye Shadow Pro Palettes. MAC have a create-your-own palette in different sizes where you can pick your favourite eye shadows in refill pans.  This makes it easier to manage eye shadows and works out a little bit cheaper.

Here you can see some of my very favourite MAC eye shadows.

From the top left is 'Nylon'. which is a pale gold with icy shimmer, it works well on it's own or with another colour added to it on the outer corners. 
In the top middle we have 'Naked Lunch' which is a shimmery pink, quite similar to the bottom left; 'All That Glitters', except it's slightly lighter. All that glitters is probably my favourite out of this collection because it looks so nice on most people, and it's a very pretty pink without being overly shimmery. 
In the centre we have 'Espresso' which is often used as an eyebrow filler colour. It's perfect for filling eyebrows on darker hairs and can also be used as an eye liner shade or for outer corners in a neutral look.
The Middle right is 'Carbon' which is a pure jet black colour. This is the perfect shade to use for eye liner or for outer corners to create a smokey eye effect. 'Shadowy Lady' which is under Carbon on the bottom right is also a great shade for a smokey eye, it's a dark plumy purple with opaque (matte) coverage. It's perfect if you want to try a different colour smokey eye than the regular black.

Here we have a non-MAC product! Its Maybelline's Gel Liner in Intense Black. This is my everyday eye liner, I feel naked when I don't wear it! You can purchase it from most drugstores in the UK and US (and probably a lot of other places too!) I got this from Superdrug. Over the years I have tried a range of eye liners from a variety of different brands. I've tried both liquid and eye pencils but I feel like this gel liner is the best eye liner I have ever used. It's a mix of both liquid liner and pencil which makes it so unique; it doesn't irritate my eyes and application is easy. I definitely recommend you try it out if you haven't yet!

Update: I have tried MAC's liquidlast eye liner but I find it SO difficult to take off. It takes way too long! It's also too fiddly and hard to correct a mistake if you make one.

I hope this blog has helped! I will do some more on my make-up collection. If you have any suggestions please comment below. Thanks for reading :)

Valentines Day

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day! ♥ ❤

Hey everyone! I hope you're having an amazing pancake day! I've been eating pancakes all day! (I don't recommend it!). Today I'm doing a very special post for Valentines Day! Having trouble deciding what to wear for that special V day date? Here are a few glamorous suggestions that will get your date's full attention!

Here we have Lipsy's ruffle peplum bandeau dress in red. A very daring yet stylish dress, this will definitely impress! Especially if it's worn on a first date. You can team this beautiful dress up with gold accessories; a statement necklace or choker, a bracelet and maybe some rings. I find gold jewellery looks exceptionally good with red clothing, don't you?

Next we have a Skater dress in colourblock from ASOS. You're probably starting to notice a theme, I think sweetheart necklines are gorgeous in general but I think it's very fitting for Valentine's Day! This dress has a very flattering shape; it will suit everybody. It;s clinched at the waist and has a full skater skirt which will make any girl have an hour glass figure with this look. I love this dress! It's exclusive to ASOS petite section so if you're small like me, this would be perfect for you :)

This is a very simply yet sophisticated skater dress with sweetheart neckline. Again, this is very slimming and would look beautiful on anyone. This dress would be perfect for someone who might want to go for a simple look this Valentine's day whilst still attracting a lot of attention! You could also team this dress with accessories to jazz it up a bit and a pair of killer heels would also make this look more appealing.

Next we have yet another dress from ASOS! I think ASOS have a wide range of beautiful dresses suitable for Valentines day. Shockingly, this dress does not have a sweetheart neckline but is still very pretty. It has an open back which appears quite sultry and creates a flirtatious vibe I reckon! The front is neck high which makes the look even more appealing as it is not too revealing on both sides. This is also exclusive to the petite section of ASOS. Have a look by clicking here.

Obviously, you do not HAVE to wear red on Valentine's Day, I just personally think it goes with the whole vibe! But it is not necessary if you think it's too cheesy. I hope these suggestions helped! If you don't have a date, never mind! Maybe you'll be enjoying chocolate, wine and a rom com like me! 

I might do an OOTD post on Valentine's Day as well ;) I will post a 'What's in my make-up bag' on my blog shortly, keep an eye out :) Hope this V Day post was helpful!

Mini Fashion Haul + OOTD!

Friday, 8 February 2013

My week in pictures: (Or mainly my day seeing The Wanted lol).

Yeah I know, I kinda look weird in these pictures! I'm a big fan of The Wanted and it was great to see them after so long! I only managed to get a photo with the gorgeous Jay and Siva.

Moving on, during the week I went to Oxford Street for some much needed retail therapy! (Okay, so I intended to only go to HMV as I had a gift voucher I needed to spend). I went to Topshop mainly and bought a few crop tops, one of them being the one I'm wearing in the pictures above but here's a better photo of me below with my outfit of the day!

Not the most interesting background! Here I'm wearing this cobalt blue lace crop top that I bought for £15 (+ Student discount!). I'm also wearing a leather look skater skirt from boohoo.com and my pretty polly sock tights. Unfortunately I didn't have time to accessorize otherwise I would have definitely gone with gold jewellery for this particular look.

While in Central London, I also popped into Forever 21 to see what exciting new stuff they had in store. I saw these really cute pair of crochet side cut out shorts/hotpants! These crochet trim shorts have really been on trend recently, although probably more suited for S/S2013. All the small sizes were out of stock (except for one pair that had a little damage to it :( ) so I didn't end up buying it. If you're interested, keep an eye out for it in Forever 21 stores. Here's a little picture:

I also got this really pretty mesh top from ASOS, which I might wear on Valentine's Day (I'll definitely do an OOTD post!). As you've probably noticed by now, I've bought quite a few crop tops lately - I think it looks really stylish! It also flatters those with small waists.


What do you think?
Until next time!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted in a while. I thought I'd start with my second OOTD post! Hope you guys like it :)

Here is a collage with my OOTD - a grey wrap body from ASOS (which I got a long time ago), a high waisted belted skirt from boohoo.com, click here for the link. I'm wearing sock tights from Pretty Polly, these are actually amazing - it's over the knee socks with tights, 2 in 1! They're very comfortable as well and do not fall down as most knee high socks do. You can purchase them here. As mentioned in my Buffy special blog post, I purchased this Buffy 'B' pendant necklace from etsy.com, see my Buffy blog by clicking here. Last but not least, I am wearing my knee high wedged boots from Forever 21. These are the bargain boots I blogged about in my January Favourites, which I purchased for the sale price of £8! Check out the Forever 21 sale now for some similar bargains.

Hope this blog was helpful, will post a style fix soon!

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