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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Club Classics and Party favourites!

Hi guys! Hope you're all good and enjoying 2013 so far! I thought I'd show you guys my favourite picks for a night out or party.

Here are some of my favourite skater dress style picks from as you've heard numerous times it is my favourite online store to shop and I highly recommend it!

As you can see, there's a whole range of of different styled skater dresses relevant for most occasions. 

On the top left we have a lace 3/4 sleeve dress. Lace has been on trend for quite a while and looks amazing whilst on. It really compliments an overall look and reflects a soft elegancy.

The top right skater dress is available in black and the red dress as depicted here. It has a beaded jewel embellished at the top almost like a necklace pattern which is really pretty. The material on this dress is quite thick (polyester) so is very cosy for winter evenings. This dress would be perfect for stylish or fashion parties (maybe like a fashion catwalk also!) I really love the vibrancy of the red on this dress, it would look great on all skin tones especially mid-darker skin tones.

On the bottom right we have another one of my favourites. This is a simple sweetheart neckline skater dress which is available in a number of different colours, check on the website! The material here again is quite thick so it'll keep you warm - this dress in particular is more plain than the others, however, it would look amazing with a lot of accessories and high heels! This dress is also perfect for work or casual events like uni, where you could tone down the look with a cardi and boots. What do you reckon? :)

On the bottom right we have a mesh panelled top skater dress in purple. As you have probably realised by now, I really like the colour purple! This is mainly because I find it suits me a lot. Anyhow, this dress is also available in a range of colours so take your pick! This dress is perfect for parties and clubbing and resembles the same material as the other 2 dresses; the thick material is perfect for cold nights on the town!

If you require or can't find the links to these dresses I will happily post them here upon request. Let me know what you think :)

January Favourites

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hi guys! Hope you're all good! Been so busy with uni that I haven't had a chance to update you guys in a while. Hope you liked my previous Buffy blog post, I'm thinking of doing a lot more blogs like that as many people seem to like it. Buffy will always be relevant ya'll! 

Anyway, today I thought I'd show you guys my January favourites, which include some beauty products and some high-street fashion!

First we have this gorgeous beige waistcoat/gilet. This is from H&M and costs £20. It's faux fur and really compliments a Winter look. Would look cute over a long-sleeve top or jumper, with a pair of jeans and boots! H&M have a lot of great variety on sale at the moment so make sure you check it out.


Next we have this all over sequin hearts pullover sweater from Forever 21. It's a subtle grey colour and would look great on anyone. The sequins are like a gunmetal colour and it really does look cute! It costs around £18 however it is sold out online but may still be available for purchase in Forever 21 stores across the UK. I know they have it in stock in the US, which I've linked to the photo :) Also you may want to get one size up if you're tall as they do come up pretty short.

Boohoo have these amazing nail foils in a whole range of different colours and patterns. I recently bought these in the leopard print and they make a great substitute for nail polish - the nail art also looks really authentic that you can't even tell that its a stick-on. I prefer boohoo's range above Superdrug and other stores that sell these because these nail foils are slightly cheaper on boohoo at £4 and they have more variety. Also, boohoo are currently doing 20% off for students (in the UK) so make sure you purchase before this amazing deal ends! (also free delivery if you spend over £25). I'll make sure to post a photo of me with these nail foils on! 

I've recently discovered this cute pale pink nail polish by O.P.I called 'My Very First Knockwurst' It's limited edition but you can still purchase it on Amazon in the UK and US and probably many other countries! I don't know why I didn't notice this colour before, it's the sort of colour that would suit most skintones, especially light-medium. I'm an NC42 in MAC's studio fix foundation and I find this shade really compliments my complexion.

Here we have these knee high wedged boots by Aldo which I found on ASOS. These boots are suede and would look great with a short skirt and crop top! - or even a jumper and jeans for these cold Winter mornings. They are on sale at the moment and are a bargain at £35. Aldo sell very high quality footwear and these are no exception. The only issue I have with these is that the boots have a weird fit, you may need to get the next size up.

Here we have another pair of knee high wedged boots which I personally prefer because the heel is a lot higher - as I'm quite short at 161cm I need this! I bought these in the sale for a bargain at £8! This was while Forever 21 were doing 50% off on their website. The boots like a lot better in real life as well. Unfortunately, the boots are out of stock but they may be availible to purchase in store.

I'm loving the lip colour pro-palettes that MAC have released. I specifically adore the 6 preferred pinks collection. This palette includes MAC favourites Pretty Please, Creme de la Femme, my personal favourite Show Orchid, Lovelorn, Please me and Violetta. This collection looks especially gorgeous on darker skin tones along with the editorial reds collection as well.

I will make sure to do a beauty blog that entails all of my favourite and current beauty/make-up products! I will also probably do a TVD recap this weekend so make sure you look out for that. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below! See ya!

Buffy beauty! Jewellery Special

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Today I thought I'd do a Buffy special and show you guys some jewellery that I own that is inspired by my all time favourite TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer! As you may know, I love most of the clothes, accessories and jewellery that Sarah Michelle Gellar wears as Buffy. Today I'm going to focus specifically on jewellery. I've also been meaning to do an episode recap but I haven't got round to it. I will definitely do one some day soon!

I'm absoloutely obsessed with Buffy's earrings that she wears in most epiosdes during the first 6 seasons. These are the tiny silver diamante hoop earrings and the plain ones. These are noticeably quite smaller than the usual ones you see in jewellery stores, I managed to find some good ones on ebay, here are some pictures:

These ones are white gold filled and are amazing quality, it's very affordable as well! (I've linked all pictures to the item :)

These are approximately 9.5mm 
and have diamante at the front of the
hoop. They look really cute! 

Here we have the plain sterling silver hoop earrings.
They measure 9mm. What I love about these is that it
has a hook close which means it's easy to put on and
take off, even on bigger ears.

Heres a picture of myself wearing the diamante hoops and the plain ones:

Here's the beautiful Sarah Michelle Gellar with her trademark Buffy earrings! :}

Her ears are a little bigger than mine and she has more ear lobe than me. My ears are unfortunately tiny! But these earrings would look gorgeous on all (pierced) ears :)

Remember when Angel gave Buffy a claddagh ring as a sign of his devotion? Well, it's available almost everywhere thankfully! I recently bought one from amazon and it is almost identicial to the one Buffy wears in Season 2 episode 13 'Surprise' on her 17th Birthday. It's sterling silver, very afforable and is available in multiple sizes

Next we have Buffy's illusion choker necklace. She wears this choker in a few episodes during Season 4 (as seen below). This is a very pretty invisible necklace with small Swarovski crystals. The necklace almost melts against your skin. I bought mine from It's available in blues and pinks! 

I also thought I'd include this Buffy 'B' pendant that I found on I ordered it recently and am waiting for it to come :) You can make a custom order for this by messaging the seller!

Last but not least we have the iconic Large Cross pendant Necklace that the handsome Angel gives Buffy in Season 1 episode 1! (I ship Bangel forever). I got this necklace on ebay as it was sold out everywhere! The make is Genki by Factory X and it's not available to purchase at any major stores but you may find it on amazon or ebay like I did. With the growing trend of 'the cross' it sure does fit into todays fashion! (please note that these cross pendants are produced by 20th Century Fox so it's more of a fashion statement necklace, oh and to protect you from vampires ;). I got mine for £15 plus delivery

Please leave comments below and let me know what you think of this blog! It would mean so so much! If you want, I can do more Buffy blogs like this. 


Bhavna's StyleFix!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hello everybody! 

Hope you all had a great new year and made some new years resolutions that you'll hopefully stick to! I've decided to try not to spend so much on clothes/accessories as I did last year. That's probably not gonna happen. Anyway, today I wanted to show you guys a few pieces of clothing that I'm loving at the moment!

I recently bought this gorgeous Burgundy Red Peplum Top, you can team it with absolutely anything! Looks good with a pair of jeans or leggings with boots. You can also over accessorize due to the top being quite plain. Misguided also have a range of different colours in this style which is a bonus! 

As you've probably gathered by now, is my favourite online store to purchase from at the moment! They have a range of fantastic items available. I recently bought this Wet Look Skater skirt from boohoo. Wet Look/leather look clothing is in fashion at the moment and I'm loving this trend! It's very stylish and chic! The pleats in this skirt also make the skirt look more sophisticated. Misguided also have a similar skirt which is available for purchase. Both are very affordable as well! 

The 90's are back!

Along with the leather trend, long-sleeve crop tops have made a comeback! I'm actually really glad about this, crop tops are amazing and really flatter your figure. They are perfect for day wear or when you go clubbing. Here are a select few from ASOS, boohoo, Topshop and Misguided. All are similiar in price. Take your pick!

There are also a range of different colours in these long sleeve crop tops at the different retailers so make sure you check them out!

Speaking of crop tops, I'm also loving the high-neck crop top trend. I've purchased one from recently and it looks absolutely beautiful when on! It's figure fitting and enhances your curves as well. You can also add layers during the winter season.

What do you think of these trends? Let me know below by commenting! Also, tell me what you think of my blog :) I'm going to do a vampire special blog soon so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

Bhavna xoxo

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