Sleek Makeup Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette Review

Friday, 23 September 2016

Hey everyone,

I was immensely excited when I heard Sleek Makeup were coming out with a new highlighting palette full of golden tones called Cleopatra's Kiss. Their top selling highlighting palette 'Solstice' has been talked about all over social media and has gained even more international success following popular YouTuber Jaclyn Hill's snapchat raving about the palette. As I am quite tanned and of a medium dark complexion, Solstice just didn't work for me but I loved the formula of the highlights - which is why I was super excited to try out Cleopatra's Kiss. 

I bought mine in store from Superdrug yesterday (22/09/16) and there were only 2 left so I decided to get both since they were doing 2 for £12. This palette is part of their Halloween collection so I'm not sure if it's limited edition or permanent. I swatched the shades in store and was super impressed with the pigmentation and the shade range. The shades will look particularly flattering on medium to deeper complexions.

Top Left to right: Sphinx, Delta, Dynasty and Goddess

The palette comes with 2 cream highlighters; Delta - a light bronze shade and Dynasty - a light gold shade, and 2 powder highlighters; Sphinx - a true bronzed gold shade with glitter and Goddess - a light champagne shade with a bit of sparkle. Upon first swatch Dynasty and Sphinx are my favourites as I love the shades and they are the most pigmented. The texture of the powder highlights are a little bit chunky but still really beautiful. The packaging is the same for all of their highlighters, it comes in a sturdy sleek gold packaging with a mirror and mini brush which is perfect if you're on the go.

Here's a swatch of all the shades on my arm. For reference as most of you will know I'm an NC42 in MAC.

From left to right: Sphinx, Goddess, Dynasty and Delta

I am definitely going to test the products on my face and will post a photo on snapchat and instagram so make sure you are following me on both! I will also be using the palette in an upcoming makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Please leave comments below and let me know if you have got this highlighting palette or plan on getting one - make sure you get it fast as I'm sure this palette is going to sell out.

Ellesse Sportswear Collection review

Friday, 16 September 2016

Hey everyone,

At the start of 2016 I made a conscious decision to be more healthy, fit and active. Though it's still a working progress, I make sure I go to the gym at least twice a week and *try* to eat as much good food as possible (though this is proving to be a lot more difficult than exercise). I think what you wear when you work out is equally as motivating to the results you see. I like to make sure I look good as well as feel great which is why I was super excited when I was contacted by JD Sports to review this Ellesse fitness set*. The pieces I was sent are from the Lucy Mecklenburgh collection.

Sports Bra:here  Leggings/Tights:here 

I have tested the Renn Tape leggings at the gym and even in an intense spin class and I was quite impressed with the results; unlike some sports leggings, these are fast drying and has a sweat wicking material which makes them ideal for intense training.

Vest: here

The Ellesse read 2-in-1 vest is great for cardio as the design of it allows your skin to breathe whilst still covering up. This is definitely a new staple for me especially for spin class. I love how the vest is draped so it doesn't cover the sides of your waist though I still have to wear a sports bra for extra support.

The Greta Tape sports bra is something that I would probably use for less intense exercise such as weight classes or yoga. It has a nice thick material while still being fast drying.

Overall, if you are a fitness enthusiast like me who enjoys working out or if you are into sportswear, I would strongly recommend you check out the pieces from the Lucky Mecklenburgh collab with Ellesse sportswear. You can shop the whole Ellesse sports range here:

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