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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Club Classics and Party favourites!

Hi guys! Hope you're all good and enjoying 2013 so far! I thought I'd show you guys my favourite picks for a night out or party.

Here are some of my favourite skater dress style picks from as you've heard numerous times it is my favourite online store to shop and I highly recommend it!

As you can see, there's a whole range of of different styled skater dresses relevant for most occasions. 

On the top left we have a lace 3/4 sleeve dress. Lace has been on trend for quite a while and looks amazing whilst on. It really compliments an overall look and reflects a soft elegancy.

The top right skater dress is available in black and the red dress as depicted here. It has a beaded jewel embellished at the top almost like a necklace pattern which is really pretty. The material on this dress is quite thick (polyester) so is very cosy for winter evenings. This dress would be perfect for stylish or fashion parties (maybe like a fashion catwalk also!) I really love the vibrancy of the red on this dress, it would look great on all skin tones especially mid-darker skin tones.

On the bottom right we have another one of my favourites. This is a simple sweetheart neckline skater dress which is available in a number of different colours, check on the website! The material here again is quite thick so it'll keep you warm - this dress in particular is more plain than the others, however, it would look amazing with a lot of accessories and high heels! This dress is also perfect for work or casual events like uni, where you could tone down the look with a cardi and boots. What do you reckon? :)

On the bottom right we have a mesh panelled top skater dress in purple. As you have probably realised by now, I really like the colour purple! This is mainly because I find it suits me a lot. Anyhow, this dress is also available in a range of colours so take your pick! This dress is perfect for parties and clubbing and resembles the same material as the other 2 dresses; the thick material is perfect for cold nights on the town!

If you require or can't find the links to these dresses I will happily post them here upon request. Let me know what you think :)

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