Ellesse Sportswear Collection review

Friday, 16 September 2016

Hey everyone,

At the start of 2016 I made a conscious decision to be more healthy, fit and active. Though it's still a working progress, I make sure I go to the gym at least twice a week and *try* to eat as much good food as possible (though this is proving to be a lot more difficult than exercise). I think what you wear when you work out is equally as motivating to the results you see. I like to make sure I look good as well as feel great which is why I was super excited when I was contacted by JD Sports to review this Ellesse fitness set*. The pieces I was sent are from the Lucy Mecklenburgh collection.

Sports Bra:here  Leggings/Tights:here 

I have tested the Renn Tape leggings at the gym and even in an intense spin class and I was quite impressed with the results; unlike some sports leggings, these are fast drying and has a sweat wicking material which makes them ideal for intense training.

Vest: here

The Ellesse read 2-in-1 vest is great for cardio as the design of it allows your skin to breathe whilst still covering up. This is definitely a new staple for me especially for spin class. I love how the vest is draped so it doesn't cover the sides of your waist though I still have to wear a sports bra for extra support.

The Greta Tape sports bra is something that I would probably use for less intense exercise such as weight classes or yoga. It has a nice thick material while still being fast drying.

Overall, if you are a fitness enthusiast like me who enjoys working out or if you are into sportswear, I would strongly recommend you check out the pieces from the Lucky Mecklenburgh collab with Ellesse sportswear. You can shop the whole Ellesse sports range here: www.jdsports.co.uk/women/brand/ellesse/

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