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Monday, 2 December 2013

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been a while but I've finally got a new blog post for you all! As some of you may know I was doing a journalism internship earlier last month which recently ended. It was probably the best internship I have done so far. It's actual chaos looking for a full time job! Especially as there's so much competition and it takes up a lot of time applying everywhere.

I have also recently started re-watching my all-time favourite TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer as I love watching it close to Christmas time! I've got through my DVD boxset pretty fast and I've just started season 4 now. Bet you were dying to know that! haha.

So I received a few requests to share my favourite skincare products with you, so I’ve decided to share with you my all-time favourites. A lot of these products are from The Body Shop. I’ve tried a lot of cheap brands and high end products but I always find myself going back to The Body Shop! They also offer a range of discounts and promotions from time to time which is great.

The products are 100% cruelty free and are made from the finest raw ingredients which only makes it even better.

First up are a few products from The Body Shop’s Seaweed collection, which are aimed at those with combination to oily skin. I have combination skin and find these products work really well on me!

Seaweed Day Cream

This day cream is definitely my all-time favourite day-time moisturiser. It gives a refreshing matte, shine-free finish without leaving the skin too dry. It also is the perfect moisturiser to apply before a primer when wearing foundation. Believe me when I say I have tried tons of moisturisers but I have not found a moisturiser quite like this! 

Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser

This amazing facial cleanser is perfect for removing make-up as it removes impurities and rebalances the skin’s oil without over-drying the skin or clogging up pores. This cleanser also has a refreshing mattifying finish and smells lovely! Unlike make-up wipes, a cleanser properly rids the skin of foundation and blush. I use it after using a make-up wipe which allows it to do double the work!

Seaweed Clarifying Toner

This is honestly the best toner I have ever used. It removes traces of cleanser, make-up and impurities, allowing it to purify the skin as it refreshes your face and prepares the skin for moisturiser. It’s one of my favourite beauty products! Along with the other products from the Seaweed range, it also smells amazing.

Seaweed Night Treatment

When it comes to night-time moisturisers, I have a hard time picking the right one for me. Usually I find it’s too moist and takes too long to dry before I go to bed but this night treatment from The Body Shop is perfect for me! It dries on your skin almost instantly without actually leaving your skin dry. It moisturises your skin and smells divine. It also leaves skin clear, shine-free and hydrated. You don’t have to worry about getting moisturiser on your pillow!

Tea Tree Facial Wash

I only started using this face wash a few weeks ago but I've already noticed a huge difference with my skin! The face wash gives you much clearer skin while also getting rid of blemishes and impurities. This daily face wash is perfect for those with acne-prone skin or someone like me who has unexpected break-outs!

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover

I got this lovely eye make-up remover when I was in the US and it works wonders! It gets rid of the toughest eye make-up whether it’s eye shadow or eye liner. It also doesn’t cause any irritation to the eye which is a bonus. Though it is oil-free it does seem to have an oil substance which glides onto your skin and gets rid of even the toughest of eye shadows! Definitely a must-try if you can find it.

That concludes my favourite skincare products. Have you tried any of my favourites out before? What would you add to my list? Leave comments below and thank you for reading!


  1. I love bodyshop products. Will have to try this moisturiser!!

    Oh Hey Kayspray!

    1. Body shop products are honestly the best - the moisturiser is a must have! :) x


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