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Friday, 14 December 2012

The Vampire Diaries Recap 4x09 'All Come Ye Faithful'

What did you all think of the mid-season finale? There definitely was a lot of merry mayhem! And to a Christmas soundtrack which was the most hilarious part of all. Happy Holidays!

We started off with Elena and Damon fully clothed in bed, it was apparent they were still together this episode. They decided it would be a good idea to 'de-program' Jeremy, so they went to their family's lakehouse. Elena wanted Jeremy to be himself again and not kill her every time he saw her. 

More importantly, check our Jeremy's arms! You guys, someone has been working out a lot.

I could spend the whole recap talking about these biceps but I'd be here all day. Anyway, moving on...

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan was finding out more information about the tattoo, Klaus told him that the sword decodes the tattoo so all that's left is for Jeremy to kill a bunch of vampires.

Caroline went to the Miss Mystic Falls ball? I don't even know what that was, they have a different party/celebration every week. But you guys, look how beautiful Caroline looked! I couldn't help but notice that her dress is a little similar to the one I blogged about the other day! You can check that out here.

Caroline was distracting Klaus as usual, so that Stefan could find the sword which they would need by tonight because Tyler and his hybrid followers wanted to put Klaus down! Tyler was hoping to sacrifice himself for a while long enough for the other hybrids to run away. However, Caroline came up with a better idea; she thought he could use Rebekahs body to put Klaus' essence in. Hayley wasn't too pleased.

All this time, Tyler didn't know that Hayley was double-crossing him. She was willing to give up the 12 hybrids so that Professor Shane could use them for a sacrifice. What I don't get is can anyone kill 12 people and it would still be considered usable for the sacrifice? It doesn't really make sense. But so far 12 humans have died, 12 hybrids and now I think there needs to be 12 vampires for Jeremy to kill in order to complete the requirements of this sacrifice. The scene between Tyler and his mum (Carol) was quite touching, I'm glad they had a great moment on screen before she was tragically killed off. (Spoiler alert!).

Later on we find out that Shane's wife and kids died some time ago, which makes a lot of 
sense. This Silas bloke probably has the power to bring back people from the dead? I'm guessing - this is my personal opinion. I think Silas isn't a good guy. He was probably an evil warlock put down. And now Shane wants him to wreak havoc on earth, whilst bringing his family back in the process. Guy has issues. I doubt the cure even exists, or it's something else entirely - like the sun and moon curse.

Damon was still deciding on what to do with Elena. He clearly cares about her and his brother even when he doesn't show it. Damon also thought that Professor creepy wasn't legit (he wasn't wrong). Although Shane was quite useful in helping Jeremy with his subconscious issues, maybe there's something in it for him. Bonnie helped Jeremy to take a 'detour' with his subconscious feelings by focusing on her, as he had feelings for Bonnie. N'aww. His face when he said it was so cute!

Damon decided to give Elena and himself some space so told her to go back home while he fixes Jeremy's issues and helps him to hunt and kill vampires. I felt bad for Damon but I think it was for the best!

Hayley obviously told Klaus what Tyler and the hybrids were up to; releasing them from the sire bond and what not. So Klaus did what he does best; he murdered them all! Except Tyler. Instead he thought it would be more effective and hurtful for Tyler if he killed his mum, Carol. That scene was so heartbreaking you guys! Sometimes I forget that Klaus is a psychotic serial killer, his gorgeous looks overpower me.

Caroline spills the beans about Damon and Elena and completely understandably Stefan is visibly upset. Poor Stefan. People need to understand that he has every right to feel hurt. Elena was his girlfriend, she was off limits. I understand during the course of their relationship, his brother had feelings for her, but that's besides the point. Elena and Damon should have waited more than 24 hours before they slept together and acted on their feelings. It would be different if Stefan and Damon weren't brothers and didn't live in the same house but under the circumstances, give Stefan a break! 

This broke my heart.
Finally, RIP Carol! 2009-2012

Probably not the best image of Carol, as this was right before Klaus killed her! "And you're all he's got."

We gotta wait until 17th January 2013 for the next episode. Can you wait that long?

  • What did you think of the mid-season finale?
  • Is this the end of Delena or just the beginning?
  • Will Stefan have a new love interest?
  • Hows Tyler gonna react when he finds out that Klaus killed his mum?
  • Hows Caroline gonna feel about Klaus knowing he killed her boyfriends mum?
  • Do you think Hayley did the right thing? Or was she being selfish?
  • Will Tyler be able to forgive Hayley?
  • What is Professor Shane up to? Can he be trusted and is he the bad guy?

Thanks for reading!

Bhavna xoxo

(all photos are my own or from the CW website, gifs are from Tumblr)

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