Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Review

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Hey everyone!

I hope you've had a fabulous week so far. As some of you may know from watching my YouTube videos, I love buying new makeup releases and trying out new products, especially if they are heavily raved about through the blogosphere or YouTube.

The product I am going to review today was something I wasn't initially going to buy as it is quite expensive for a makeup palette, but after seeing so many positive reviews I gave in! It's the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette.

Firstly, the packaging is stunning. The paper slide features a close up of Huda's eye's, where she's wearing a gold metallic eyeshadow (most likely from the palette). The eyeshadow palette is made from cardboard and plastic and doesn't have a mirror - which I personally prefer as I have so many eyeshadow palettes that have mirrors and it also makes the packaging a little less bulky and lightweight.

All of the eyeshadows are extremely pigmented. I really couldn't wait to use the palette before taking photos, apologies for that! The matte shadows are gorgeous and are not chalky at all, they are so nice and buttery. The textured eyeshadows are amazing, I apply them with my fingers for the best result and they last all day on my eyelids. I can't even pick one shade as my favourite as they are all so beautiful! This is definitely my favourite palette at the moment as it's so versatile and you can create so many looks from it.

Overall, I would say it is definitely worth the price of £56 for 18 eyeshadows - which works out at just over £3 per eyeshadow. If you are looking for a palette to make a range of creative looks from, I would highly recommend you check this out! I got mine from Cult Beauty.

Have you tried out the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette? Let me know in the comments.

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