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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hey everybody! How's it going?

This week I am doing work experience at Top of the Pops Magazine. It was my first day today and it was pretty amazing. I got to write stuff for 'The Wanted' column, with this month's band member being my favourite - Jay! I'm working here for a week and I'm sure it's going to be very interesting.

As promised, I am doing a shoe and handbag post specifically on the products on http://www.justfab.co.uk/invite/Bhavna/. If you don't know, JustFab is an online fashion retailer that features on-trend selections of mainly shoes and handbags. Designs are based on relevant designer brands. You fill out a questionnaire and they'll choose relevant shoes and handbags for your monthly boutique! Woop! I'd like to point out that this website is not a scam, however, once you make a purchase you will need to skip the month in order to not be charged the membership fee. It kinda sucks but the stuff they have on their website is SO amazing! You can always cancel your membership too.

First off, I'll start with these Amanthi wedge sandals in stone. I bought these a while ago, so not sure if they have them in stock anymore. These are very comfortable and snug - you'll need to get half a size bigger due to the size conversion. The colour is more greyish than stone but it is still really pretty. I love the buckle detail, it makes the shoe look more feminine.

Next we have these beautiful leather look patterned La Brea wedge sandals. They come in three different colours and look amazing. You'll definitely need to get half a size bigger in these, especially those who have wider feet. These look gorgeous when worn and will match any outfit! I' had been trying to find a pair of wedges with a design like this for a while now, and these do not disappoint! 

Here's my favourite handbag from the JustFab website. It's the Icon structured handbag. It's very pretty and is perfect for work! It looks extremely elegant and smart with the lock and key display on the front. It is almost an exact replica of the famous designer Berka bags! All the girls will be jealous if you rock this in the office! This handbag is also great for school, with plenty of space for all your books. It's very sturdy too which is necessary.

I hope you liked this short informative review! If you'd like any more reviews let me know. In the meantime, check out this website and if you're going to order anything from JustFab please do so through this link, it'll give me some points! ---> http://www.justfab.co.uk/invite/Bhavna/ ALSO you get 50% off your first order!! What are you waiting for?!

Have a great week!

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