The Vampire Diaries: S03 E08 'Ordinary People' Recap

Saturday, 5 November 2011

First of all, I want to say how amazing season 3 has been so far! We're almost half way through the season and a lot of exciting things have happened. Stefan has turned hot  ripper and Damon has matured a little.
This episode had a lot of good flashbacks and Claire Holt (who plays Rebekah) has just outdone herself! Amazing performance, kudos to her! This will probably be one of a few of my recaps on the show due to time, but I will do weekly reviews on each episode :)

Previously on The Vampire Diaries...

"The only thing stronger than your craving for blood, is your love for this one girl" - This line from Klaus gets me every time! #Stelenaforever
"Turn. it. off... TURN IT OFF!!" Gotta love Klaus.
Elena tells Stefan to fight for his freedom, otherwise he'll lose her forever... more ultimatums. Stefan actually looks kinda sad, like he wants to do something about it, but he can't.
Mikael the vampire slayer hunter is apparently a bit of a bad boy and will kill everyone.. I highly doubt that but anyway... moving on.
Mason finds something in the old Lockwood caves, Damon and Alaric go to investigate.

 "Its the Lockwood Diaries... Pictionary style"

Elena, Damon and Alaric go back to the Lockwood caves to find out more about the old drawings, or 'Viking script' as it was called. The big revelation is that the caves were used long before Mystic Falls was 'founded' by the founding families. The werewolves have been there for a long long time.

Alaric reveals the names etched onto the wall which reads 'Niklaus' 'Rebekah' 'Elijah' and... 'Mikael' (!). Turns out he is an original and is in fact Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah's father! Big Shock (!). Although many of us were expecting that, we weren't expecting what was going to happen next..

If I want to wield a blade, I shall wield the blade"

We go back in time to the caves where we find a human Rebekah and Klaus. Rebekah is graffiti-ing her name into the wall. Why? I do not know. We also see Klaus being remotely normal which is strange. He's just.. NORMAL! Not the crazy evil serial killer we know of today. Was really good to see a completely different side to Klaus. And kudos to Joseph Morgan who is a brilliant actor and has an amazing English accent! (I'm British too, but there's just something about his voice that I absolutely love).

Back at Alaric's home(?) Damon was giving Elena a bit of slayer training.. which I really don't understand. Is there any point learning self defence? Vampire's are stronger, faster (speed, agility, strength, senses..) there's no way she'd be able to protect herself. That's what vervain grenades are for right? Elena comes up with a clever plan for once which involves talking to the original source, literally. 

Elena finds Rebekah doing cartwheels and the sorts, Rebekah doesn't look too pleased to see her. Elena tells her that she knows where Mikael is, and plans on awakening him if she doesn't tell her why she's scared of her father.
We go into flashback mode and we see Klaus and... wait for it... ELIJAH play fighting! Elijah's back *happy dance* in a flashback anyway. We need more Elijah on screen. Someone needs to wake him up.

"Just make sure she doesn't power struggle you into a wheelchair"

Back at Alarics', Alaric is still deciphering the images, realising a certain one looks familiar. Elena's on the phone to Damon telling him that she will get info from Rebekah and that Bex is super scared of her Daddy. Rebekah sends Elena a text which I thought was funny. Firstly, WHY does she have Rebekah's phone number?! Secondly, Bex sounded so normal in the text like they were friends. 

Back at the Lockwood dungeons, we see a pasty, pouty Stefan who has apparently 'given up'. Therefore Damon releases him and they both go to the pub for a drink. (Or bar as the american's call it). Elena visits Rebekah at the Salvatore mansion to have a chat. For a second there I thought Bex was gonna offer Elena a drink. Bex seems pretty happy/excited about homecoming. She can't even decide on a dress to wear! She's more like us girls than we thought. Though Bex does compel the girls to be her personal runway show, she threatens to bite them if Elena doesn't stop being so demanding and threatening.

"Brought you the necklace that wouldn't die"

Alaric is super excited about the images, that he called Bonnie round to share his happiness. He tells her that he was once a Jeremy and to basically forgive him? Which is completely understandable. Jeremy DID love Anna, and she died. It's not like they broke up. So obviously given the chance he's gonna go back to her. But to be fair he should have broken up with Bonnie first. Alaric finally reveals that one of the images is in fact the original witch's pendant.

Rebekah goes snooping around in Stefan's room, Elena follows her asking a lot of questions. Bex tells Elena that her family moved to Mystic Falls following the plague in Europe where her parent's 2 children died in. They heard that MF was an mystical land where people were healthy, blessed with speed and strength *cough* werewolves! 

One full moon Klaus, Bex and a younger brother called Heinrick go to see the werewolves. Heinrick dies *SPOILER* and Klaus is obviously very sad about it. He's so normal here it really does make me wonder what made him change so much. This was the last time the originals were together as humans.

"I happen to like the edge Stefan, your problem is your inability to resist falling over it"

Damon and Stefan are at an unknown bar, Damon allows Stefan to drink from the bartender. Stefan thinks Damon is up to something with the brotherly bonding but turns out he's not!

Back at the Salvatore mansion Rebekah tells Elena she doesn't get her and Stefan as a couple. Which is a comment that is gonna divide the TVD fandom. (Although I actually like Rebekah, especially after this episode!). We find out that the original witch IS Rebekah's mother and turned them all into vampires. It is made clear that a vampire cannot be a witch because a witch is natures servant and a vampire is an abomination of nature. You can only be one or the other, never both.

The Original witch calls upon the oak tree? And the sun for life. The Oak tree is apparently one of natures eternal objects. Mikael offered his children wine laced with blood and killed them. Which is kinda vulgar and crude but he had to do what he had to do I guess.
The whole 'turning the family into vampires' situation made a lot of sense. Considering Mikael was proud and didn't want to move yet again.

Nature fought back which explains why vampires can't walk in the sun, and why vervain is like poison. What I don't understand is why they needed rings? I thought they walked in the sun regardless because they are originals. The hunger, the lust for blood was uncontrollable and caused the predatory species to be born. Rebekah couldn't help eating people.

We're back at the bar and Stefan is hooked on the bartenders blood. It's nice to see the Salvatore boys bonding though! I don't understand how the compulsion works but I think it's different for vampires. Like Katherine knew back in season 2, Stefan knows he's compelled. And that he has to obey Klaus and be completely emotionless BUT it is evident that he still cares for his brother, which is very endearing and totally does not make sense to me! I guess a vampire can never completely turn off their feelings cause' lets face it, in TVD every vampire that we've encountered (or that mattered anyway) had feelings. And it was usually for family. Which is one of this shows strongest themes, which I love.

"Maybe I can help with that"

"The Savatore boys, I presume" says Mikael. He speaks as though he's from the royal family, I love it. Rebekah tells Elena that because Klaus was ultimately not Mikael's son (and son of a werewolf which is why he is a hybrid, obviously), he basically kinda hated him. She also says that her father killed half the village, and killed his wife for her infidelity.

"He's my brother and I'm immortal, shall I spend an eternity alone instead"

The power of three (Bex, Klaus, Elijah) say goodbye to their mother and bury her. They make a pact that they'd always stick together (well that never happened!). Rebekah's stubborn, Elijah's moral (lol!) and Klaus can't stand people who disappoint him. I felt so bad for Rebekah, she cares about family so much so the next bit must have killed her inside..

"His emotions have been shut off, he can't care"

Mikael tries to find out info on his stepson's whereabouts, but compelled Stefan can't say much due to him being, you know, compelled so he tries to get his answers the hard way.

"And there is our loop hole!"

*Punches into Damon's heart* Mikael threatens to pull out Damon's heart if Stefan doesn't tell Mikael where Klaus is. But Stefan eventually finds a way around and tells him that he'll lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls. Well done, Stefan! Making progress! :D

Elena, Bonnie and Alaric are back in the old Lockwood caves, I do not know why.. I thought Alaric took photo's of everything? Anyway, he's confused about a a few symbols that link together. Elena realises that..
Mikael DID NOT kill the original witch! It was.. *drum roll* KLAUS! Kinda surprised with this revelation. Although Klaus had just become a vampire and has the werewolf side in him, I would have never thought he would have killed his own mother. This explains more clearly why Mikael is after Klaus, he did kill his wife after all. Poor Rebekah, I wanted Elena to give her a hug! 

"Careful Stefan, your humanity's showing"

LOVED this scene between Stefan and Damon, you know all this translated reads 'I love you brother'. Have I mentioned how much both Stefan and Damon  call each other 'brother' it's kinda strange, people just do not do that. But I love their brotherly bond so they can do whatever they want.

Poor Rebekah is still grieving her mother, it's like a new kind of grief. I think she is deeply misunderstand. She just wants to have a normal human life with friends and family.
Back at Elena's house, Damon is lying on Elena's bed, which is kinda normal to us since he does it all the time now. Elena tells Damon that Rebekah is 'just a girl, she lost her mum too young, she loves blindly and recklessly even if it consumes her" - remind you of anyone Elena?
This scene between Damon and Elena looks so cosy, like they're a married couple telling each other about their day. Loved the ending of this episode so much!

"I think you're gonna be the one who saves him from himself, it won't be because he loves me, but it'll be because he loves you"

Awww Damon's face! He seemed kinda surprised, no? 

  • So what are your thoughts on this ep? 
  • How do you think the doppelgänger situation started?
  • Who on earth even drew the symbols of the original witches death?
  • Will Delena happen?
  • Will Mikael kill Klaus
  • Is Rebekah on team Damon?
  • Will Stefan be cured of compulsion?
Please leave comments and let me know what you think of this episode, what you think is gonna happen next and please tell me if you liked my recap!

lots of love xoxo


  1. I think Delena will happen sooner or later ;) Maybe the witch that was working with the mother (original witch) drew the symbols on the walls in the hope that one day, part or all of the original family will attack and eventually kill eachother so even in death the witch can get revenge on Mikael for making her turn them into vampires ( assuming that she didn't wanna go through with this?) - Jaimini xo

  2. The Original witch - Ester was all for turning them into vampires because she wanted her children to live forever.


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